• 1 Day Flying Course
  • 1 Day Flying Course
  • 1 Day Flying Course
  • 1 Day Flying Course
  • 1 Day Flying Course

1 Day Flying Course


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NPPL Course Bundle includes 25 hours flight training plus 5 exams

One day flight training course includes a detailed briefing on how to plan a flight, check weather conditions and NotAms. You will be shown how to check the aircraft before flight and to prepare it for flight with sufficient fuel and oil. You will be shown how to plan your route outbound to another airfield; how to plan your departure procedure and your arrival procedures. Your navigation log will be prepared electronically and printed out for flight.

Your flight instructor will show you how to climb into the Captain's Seat so that you can take controls in flight and Aviate, Navigate and Communicate.
You will fly away to your planned destination, land there and take a short break. Then you will be shown how to plan your return flight possibly via a different route. You will be able to see most of Southeastern England during your flight.

You can perform the take off and landings your self with the guidance of your flight instructor.

Naturally you will fly back to Damyns Hall on the same day.

this is a great adventure for someone who has never flown before. It is a thrilling experience for someone who may have flown before but not in a microlight aircraft of this type.

Makes a very good gift for any occasion.


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