Created in August 1997, the DUC HELICES company is specialized in the manufacture of the aeronautical carbons propellers mainly in the field of light aviation.
Very quickly, our company will prove the quality of these products developed by Vincent DUQUEINE, his founder, who works in the field of composite materials since 1982 acquiring a considerable know-how in the placement of these materials.DUC-HELICES obtains a world fame quickly and carries out 70% with export. Since its creation, it conceived a complete range of the propellers answering all types of engines of the ULM of 40 Hp until to the plane four places of 160Hp. Today, DUC-HELICES try hard to answer all the problems of these users by placing at their disposal a complete range of the accessories to obtain the best possible output of their aircraft engine.
Always with the point of the innovation, the DUC-HELICES design office works on new solutions of again produced development. A dynamic team assures the maintenance and the using advises