All the different types of DUC propellers are shown here. All propellers are supplied complete with hub and mounting kit.

Main types are the

  • Windspoon FC (Carbon Forged), supplied complete with hub and mounting hardware; the Windspoon is ground adjustable.
  • Swirl, which offers a "constant speed" performance due to its unique profile; available in standard and stainless leading edge; this is available in ground adjustable and in-flight adjustable versions.
  • All props are available in 2 blade and 3 blade versions.

Advantages of the DUC propellers are:-

  • Modern Carbon fibre forging process used; makes them stronger and lighter. (more payload in aircraft with lighter prop);
  • Long lasting with nil maintainence required on blades; looks neat and clean too!
  • Single replacement blades are available in all models; the strictly controlled manufacturing process ensures that weight and balance is matched on all blades, making replacement simpler.